How can I check if my scenario selection page works well?

I’m going to upload my custom campaign, but I have an issue.

I already made the scenario selection screen, each scenario, and JSON files, and I made them into one folder. I saved it in the “mod\local” folder.

Nevertheless, the scenario selection screen (map) doesn’t show up.

The DDS file isn’t wrong as I tested it with dumping on another campaign DDS file. It showed up well.

So, I think there’s something wrong in other settings.

But I have not any single idea what is wrong now…

Any information? Thanks.

Oh, I anyway managed it. I think making a custom campaign became much more complicated than before. It took more than 12 hours to cope with this issue. I still don’t have any idea why, but from what I felt, it now requires me to approach indirectly with the campaign editor.