How can i compare between units with different upgrades?

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For example i want to put a unit with it’s 1st armor against other unit with it’s 1st attack upgrade, how can i do that? (This is just an example).
For example in scenario editor if you put a unit in castle age it will be with its full upgrade in feudal age, but i don’t want this, i want to control and choose the upgrades on units before test it, how can i do that?

First, I would set every player on Feudal Age. Second via triggers, use “Research technology” to give players Castle Age. Next for player which you want to gave 1st attack upgrade, you again use “Research technology” trigger to research Forging. To give player 1st armour upgrade for Infantry, use trigger to research “Scale Mail Armor”.


Thanks bro :+1:t2:, i will check that

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No problem, hope I helped.

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