How can i download a lost program file?

Hello everybody, I’m using the old version of AoE III, the CD-ROM game. Unfortunately, maybe cause a pc’s error the shortcut “Age of Empires III.lnk” has been deleted today. How can i get it back ?
I thank you in advice !

You could just check the trash bin.
If not the other solution is this one:
Go to the directory where your game is installed, this should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\ by default.
Then inside this directory you should find a file named age3 (or age3.exe) for the game without any extensions (it’s agex for Warchief and agey for Asian Dynasty). Then right click the file and choose “create a shortcut” -> this will create a shortcut and put in the directory, it should be named something like “age3 - shortcut”. Move it to your desktop and renamed it as you want.