How can I enable invisible mode?

Is there a way to enable invisible mode with my explorer?
I usually play with Frenchs, Thank you

Do you mean camouflage/invisible just like your scout?

Not what I can remember, the Explorer can learn to heal units and grow strong, but he can’t become invisible/camouflaged.

I believe the Chinese Explorer-Monks can turn camouflaged though, if I am not mistaken.

Yes, invisible. I saw a guy doing it with the french

I found nothing on it when I searched, anyhow.
If it is available, it could be enabled by entering ‘game settings’ and click-activate to show ‘advanced formations’.
It might appear then if it is available…

The foe could otherwise have used insight of using fishing boats / boats as carriers or taking advantage of trees blocking Line of Sight.

Maybe someone else has made the discovery and remembers how to conceal the french explorer ?

Good Luck on this little quest of exploration :slight_smile:

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Did you perheps see the French native scout becoming invisible? Because they can.

how can I do that? when I click on him I don’t see any option

In the top left corner whilst in a game, you can click to see various stuff, change window size etc…

Go into the tab ‘Game Settings’ or Gameplay Settings. Then, about 6 rows down is the ‘Show advanced Unit Formations’, click it active (blue color means active, I think).

Many units have various ‘tricks’ they can deploy which can prove useful for a couple of seconds. Although the durations lasts til you change formation again, just a few seconds can prove best -to keep in mind.

When I enable that button, doesn’t do anything for the native, when I click on him everything is empty, just for the others military units

I coukd be weong but I believe the expansian ‘Asian Dynasties’ or Warchiefs’ are required for the ability to turn the scout into camouflage -mode.
Beware that certain situations can reveal and prevent the scout from going into camouflage.

Keep clicking those button. Maybe ‘Alt’ unlocks it or sonething.
I am at my wits end. Good luck

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In game options you have the option for advanced formations or something along the lines. Check that, it should be in the games option tab.

Then go to a unit and see if when you press it you can see buttons saying fire mode and melee mode (two swords clashing) etc. You should do this on a military unit because settlers will show buildings.

When you done this and see it, that is where the camouflauge option should be. But like someone else said i dont know if it is locked behind one of the dlc. But i do believe the spy unit from the church has it.

The camouflauge button looks like a native standing behind a tree.

If you do not have it on the spy unit or native scout, and you have the dlc see if you have them selected. If you have AoE on steam click within the own games section on play and then select asian dynasties. So do not click on the desktop shortcut.

If you do not have the steam version see if you have the dlc instaled or own the cd.

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