How can I let the AI patrol units?

Below I posted one screenshot from the campaign mission “Opening Moves”. The first screenshot is from the DE version and the second is from the original game imported into the Definitive Edition.

As you can see, in the original version the AI spreads his military units all over the place, but in the DE the units are just gathering around the production building. Does somebody know, which values are responsible for that? I guess certain values in the .per file, but I don’t know which ones. (Sadly I have no access to the per files of the campaign missions).

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This would make for a good improvement for the AI. I dislike how NPCs are just there around their original buildings, without actually patrolling the area, like they should.
Link to a similar post on Reddit.


That is my post aswell on reddit :smiley:

Agree! I think it must be something in the per files, because otherwise the AI would no longer be able to do this in the original mission after I imported it into the DE. If that’s the case, it should be pretty simple to change, if we know which values/parameters are responsible for this behavior.

Sadly I don’t have access to the .ai and .per files of the campaigns, just to the campaign missions as some guys already extracted them. But if I had access to these files, I would improve the campaigns by myself and provide them here. Imo the campaigns are great, but many missions need refinements.