How can I make a technology that doesn't develop automatically when selecting a post-era era? (read details)

I will say specifically what I seek to do. I have seen that with a custom technology made in the AGE3 you can “transform” a normal civilization into a custom one, making units and technologies be activated and deactivated to make a custom civilization without having to replace an existing one, I know it is not very convincing but it is the closest thing to make a personalized civilization without replacing an existing one.

In AGE3 I put that an unused resource is required as payment and so you can only “choose” one civilization to use

The problem comes that in a skirmish or a multiplayer game, if you want to start from the age of castles onwards, these “technologies” already investigate themselves and therefore the player can no longer “choose civilization”. Is there a way that these custom technologies won’t be automatically investigated when starting a game in the Castle Age and the Imperial Age?

Maybe deactivate the technology for that player and then activate it in game? Although I never tried…

heres another problem you’ll likely come across eventually.

start in darkage, research that tech which requires resource 29 and cancel it mid way (preferably past 50% though I dont think it matters), then the resource 29 would not return to players stock pile so you can no longer research it.

the bug has been there for custom resources since 4+ years ago and probably still there

You have to turn off the “Full Tech Mode” option for your custom techs so that the techs are not researched at a higher Age.