How can I patch a non-steam game?

Hello everyone, how you doing?

Recently I found out a old Age of Mythology game DVD that my mom bought to me when I was a kid. It was pretty exciting because AoM was one of my favorites games growing up, and I was even more excited when I discovered that the game is still being updated and a new patch was released pretty recently. (

But I’m having trouble updating my game. On the research that I did, I was only able to find guides related to the steam version of the game.

So, is there any way that I can patch my old game? Or I need to buy a new version?

The version of my game is V 1.10 on the “main game” and V 1.03 on the titans expansion. (Also, they are supposed to be different versions?).

1.03 is the latest official patch for original non-steam version of The Titans.

Unofficial Voobly fanpatch also exists, and if you want to play online it is most often used. Google it.

Hi Tallish, and thank you for the reply.

I know is a old topic and everything, but let me give a update in case anyone with the same problem I was having happens to stumbles upon this topic somehow:

After posting this topic, I continued searching online, and I ended up coming to the same conclusion. If you want the Extended Edition and the Tale of Dragon expansion, you need to rebuy the game (Which I thought was a bit of a d*ck move, honestly). If you don’t buy it again, the V 1.10 is the latest version possible for the main game, and the V 1.03 the latest possible for the titans expansion. If you need to update one of those, both of then can be updated in-game, just go on the “More” tab in the main menu of the game and will be a tab to update the game.

Apart for mods and fan made content, the only official additional content one can download is the Golden Gift mini campaign. I’m gonna post a MEGA link to download this campaign here because the file aren’t available in some sites anymore and there is also a book with this very name that keeps popping up on the searches. I hope that this avoid some nuisance for somebody searching for this file online:

As for the online part, I don’t play much online games in general because people tend to be way to competitive in those things. But I played some LAN games with my brother and it’s seems to be working fine. But I couldn’t play with a friend of mine. I think that is compatibility problems since his version is the Extended Edition and ours is a older version from the old DVD. It couldn’t be the connection because we play Age of Empires III with this friend just fine, so my guess is compatibility problems. Which, again, give me the impression that the developers don’t care for the people that bought the game in the early years of the launch, and that is kind of frustrating to be honest.

So, sorry if I wrote a lot, but I hope that eventually gonna help someone searching for this problem online. I know I couldn’t find nothing on this issue online, and I hope that this helps someone on the future.