How can we use Armenians militia-line with the bonus "Barracks units (except Man-at-Arms) available one age earlier"?

I feel this Armenians bonus " Barracks units (except Man-at-Arms) available one age earlier" is difficult to use. Spear-line is useful, but militia-line is difficult because

  • high cost
  • need to reserch upgrade twice (maa and LS in feudal, two-handed and champion in castle)
  • need to make mass swordsmen though extra upgrades are reserched
  • need to reserch those upgrades in early age to use that bonus

How can we use that bonus for militia-line or what adjustment do they need? My opinions are below

how to use

  • All-in champion in post castle age
  • All-in LS in post feudal age

what adjustment

  • cut maa and two-handed upgrades and increase LS and champion upgrade cost (mitilia->LS->champion)
  • cut the upgrades’ time for using champion in imperial age
  • no buff they need because Armenians is strong for other factors (I feel knight + warror priest based on good eco is a strong comp)
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Yeah it needs to be cheaper

Tbh I wish they had just not made Aemenians yet another infantry/navy civ. We already got two more of those the last two DLCs

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  • Spearman in Dark Age
  • LS all-in in late Feudal (risky)
  • 2HS all-in in early Castle Age. This is actually stronger than people think, generic LS with Supplies already trade evenly with Knights, the main issue is that Armenians don’t have something strong AND easy to tech into to counter the main counter to LS, ie Archer-line. Yes you can go Siege but then you are stuck with an awkward speed and you can’t really break Castles. Ideal for Armenians would be something like, E.Skirm upgrade free, or faster fire rate on Skirms.

I think they should get 25% cheaper Barracks along with the Mule Cart.

Yeah slightly stronger than Burmese LS as you have +1 attack and +2 attack vs building.

An adjustment idea along the lines of reducing the costs while not overlapping the Dravidians’ bonus :
Replacing the food cost of infantry upgrades by wood (since wood is easier to collect than food and infantry heavily relies on the food eco)

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