How Could this Happen?!

Map: Black Forest

My team: Magyars (me), Mayans, Dravidians, and Bohemians.
Enemy team: Malians, Bengalis, Sicilians, and Goths.

Dark Age:
Built up to 25 villages before reaching Feudal Age. Peace period so far.

Feudal Age:
Put up a Stable and sent 4-5 scouts to raid the Goth player before he can go Imp and unleash the infantry flood. I retreated after seeing some men at arms and pikemen my way, decimating at least two of my scouts. I then made three more scouts and boomed until 28 villagers.

Castle Age:
Boomed a bit until I have enough for a few knights and more light cavalry. Plan A was to continue working on the Goth player, but to my dismay, the passes were either walled off with multiple wall layers, or Castles bar the path. Early pressure was no longer an option. Btw, the Goths do not have stone walls, but he was backed by walls built by his allies.

As soon as I placed a Castle and transitioned from light cavs to Huszars, the brawl began. The Malian player was the first to reach Imperial. He sent Gbetos and Camels to trash the Bohemian ally. The Bohemian’s archer army and base was left half dead, so he fled near the Dravidian camp and rebuilt his base. After booming further and secured key areas, I had enough to reach Imperial.

Imperial Age
Everyone went Imperial, and things got worse from that point on. The Sicilian and Gothic send mass Cavaliers and Huskarls to destroy the Mayan ally, whilst to the other side, and I was under heat by the Malian Camels and Bengali elephants, and I lost nearly most of my army. The Mayan ally was the first to resign after he lost his Eagles and Plumes to the Huskarls and Cavs, so I snuck my villagers and and sent half of them to rebuild at where the Mayan player was, and another base near the Dravidian base.

The Bohemian quit the game after he was the second victim. He made mostly archers before he resigned, so it’s just the Dravidian player and I. He made EA’s and halbs. I made Huszars and Paladins, We were left alone again for a bit, and then, and what happened afterwards was a doomsday for our team.

A seemingly maxed-out population of Huskarls, Sicilian Cavs, Malian Camels and Gbetos and Bengali Elephants came to our base without knocking! In a desperate attempt to hold them off, the armies of mine and the Dravidian were obliterated like garbage, and the enemies overran the last of us, and the game ended in such a bloody, ugly mess.

I could pressure my enemies early, but considering the nature of the map, it is impossible because they took advantage of the narrow passes and blocked my raids, which was why they can boom unharmed. And is there any way to beat these civs of the enemy alliance at all?

Yes. Mayans won’t be great here on your team, it’s Bohemians who are super important here. You really need them for the HC and Houfnice. Magyars probably should’ve gone Cav Archer and Paladin, if Bohemians do their job properly with Houfnice micro, you likely don’t need Huszar. Dravidians should probably go EA and one of their infantry options, Wootz champs might be quite good, and Urumis might have been a good option if the enemies had a lot of massed infantry, like Goths. Mayans aren’t that helpful here, their options really aren’t that great compared to the enemy civs.

I’m not a fan of the scout opening on BF, that’s usually not a good play unless you get a sneak. Trying to hit them early was a mistake I think.


Dravidians kinda suck and meso civs are generally not as strong in team games compared to 1v1. There are so many variables in team games. The more players in the game, the more advantages will stack up and the more lopsided losses and victories will be. Team Games are lopsided generally just because how difficult it is to do matchmaking with everyone at the same ELO. And the civ balance in 2023 is the best it’s ever been, so any 4 civs will stack up well vs. any random opposition.

So in this very matchup, the opponent team has more advantage than mine because of the nature of the civs in my team?

It depends on their starting positions, but yes, theoretically assuming the skill level of both teams is equal, having a strong cavalry civ fast castling in pocket position is generally considered to be a stronger play than a meso civ in the same position.

But remember, this is not the kind of thinking that you should be analysing after a loss. I can almost guarantee that you didn’t lose the game because of a bad civ matchup. It’s almost always a lack of team communication or co-operation. Or it’s simply a skill issue. The problem is our egos prefer to blame outside factors like civs or team mates and yes, occasionally those things contribute to the loss, but if you rewatch your games, you will find the civs are almost never the main reason why you lost.

Tentatively no, as Bohemians are just so insane on BF.

Magyars still have FU Paladins and the strongest HCA (could probably micro well against Camels, especially if you add Halbs from whomever). I’d say you have a civ win.

Mayans are considered to be one of the weakest civs on BF, but they still have options. Dravidians are actually quite okay with either of their EA or Infantry + Siege options.

Without recording it’s hard to say what was actually the reason why you lost, but as Magyars you usually would want to try and sneak into Scouts. Not sure if the map was very open for you or not (you seem to mention narrow passes, so preferably sneak instead of making scouts from home). Also not sure what the skill level was - generally how good the civs are don’t matter as much on lower levels, which might explain why Bohemians didn’t win the game. None of them can deal with Houfnice comfortably, and you also have two BBT civs.

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