How do expert MOBA players keep track of all the champions in the game?

Question in the title.

Experts specifically? Those just spent a huge amount of time in the game regardless.

Also keep in mind that the number of champions were not added in one night but increased and keep increasing gradually through time -at least in the mobas that I have in mind-. So, when you’re a long lasting player you’ve most likely witnessed each one’s addition to the game and tried them all. That makes it much easier remembering them.

But I think even an average moba player is able to easily keep track of them by playing regularly and consistently without dedicating too much time. After all, each time you play a game, you also witness your allies’ and your opponent’s champions as well. So each time you play a game you have some exposure to other champions besides your own even if you’ve never tried them yourself. I think that helps a lot in learning and remembering them.

Hope that answers it, at least partially.


Could this also be applied to AOE2? This would mean that there wouldn’t be a civ limit per se for the competitive AOE2 scene.

You mean, that we could have new civs added perpetually into the game in the same way that champions are added into the mobas?

Age civs are far more complex than champions and far harder to get mastered. Champions are also classified in specific roles within a team game dynamic (e.g: “assassin”, “fighter”, “support”, “mage” etc) which makes each one very unique and at the same time not all of them can be used alternatively with one another. So their balance is also tested as them being part of a team.

Imagine the civ balance in something similar, or how unique and interesting those civs would be? I think AoE2 civs are already so many and so alike that they can be quite boring.

Let alone that champions are fictitious creations, they can always make up new ones, I think LoL for example must have around 150 at the moment. Imagine reaching such numbers with historical civs.
Even all the countries in the world right now are just 195. :grin:

That is my opinion at least. Maybe it could be interesting as a concept for a new game, who knows. If those genres ever get combined successfully in the future… who knows.

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We already have so called roles. There are pocket civs, flank civs, defensive civs , team civs, water civs, jack-of-all trades.

I do not think that we should ever reach 200 civs in AOE2, that would be madness honestly. I’m thinking more of 45-50 which would mean a few more civs. They would have to be strong and unique enough to be justified as interesting civ though, I think there’s quite a few things which can still be done in terms of civ design.

I hope for extended civ mod support if they won’t add new civs officially at least. Something which Civ 5/6 does. Specific data sets are cumbersome to be honest.

I think its already really hard to keep track of my champians. Especiallyas Goths I often lose a few of them somewhere on the edge of the map.
I guess playing MOBA on an expert level doesn’t help with that.

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