How do I change actions with the editor?

I want riders to use sword and shield, but even if they use sword and shield, their attack action is still the previous spear action, and the model position is also wrong. Where can I modify the action?

By the way, where are the horses and shields modified? Are they bound together?

impossible to change the animation at the moment.
I tried it on almost all units in every way.
Have to wait for a better version

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Are the models of man and horse tied together? Can we extract the rider’s model separately and change it into infantry?

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I think there is a discord channel for AOE4 moders. Maybe you find the answer there.

I don’t find the link yet but I think you can add AOE4 in discord and there is a channel for moders.

Thank you very much for making AOE4 better.

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those things are locked.
So don’t know what we can do about it.

However, I did notice that horses and men are separate.
So it should be helpful to you.

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Thank you very much for your reply! Please also tell me about the path of the horse model and whether the shield is bound to the soldier?

It is in another part of the editor.
Where the locked items are.

What I remember is:

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Go to attributes and find attachment_lists

attributes are on top. Where you burn and create the mod.