How do I change the unit model size?

I wanted to tweak the pack to make some units stronger, So I want to change the size of the model to improve the visuals, so what should I do to change the size of the unit model?

In my opinion, you should not touch to unit model size; because it brings lots of problems. For example, file shooting over stone walls, palisade walls or on the stone walls etc. If you still want to change you can do it but then you need to change the size of other models too. Everything is connected to each other.

Go to clone file of the unit model you want to change and then go to entity blueprint ext and change the size of the entity and animator scale. Sometimes, changing the animator size is enough or only target entity size or both of them.

For example, when siege units enters to siege mode, it affects its surrounding, and if you have a bigger buildings, sometimes it goes down to original state… There are some of small problems like that, you need to make lots of testing to avoid any visual bugs.

In my mod, I have fixed such issues; but every model acts differently. Thus, you need to make lots of testing when you change the size of a model.

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