How do I create a new topic on these forums? The UI is very unintuitive!

So, I’ve posted on this forum before, and just came back after a couple of months to post something new. Only … where is the “create post” button? I see a lot of forums, with a lot of posts, but how are people creating them?

I literally searched the whole site. Top and bottom of each page. After failing to find the button/link, I did Ctrl-F and searched each page for the word words “new”, “post”, “topic”. Nothing.

I had a memory that I had the same problem last time I wanted to post. Presumably, I eventually found it last time, but where?

I was about to give up, and I glanced at the clock in the bottom-right corner of my screen to see how much time I had wasted. It was only then that I happened to see a circle above it. Just a slightly different color to the background. OH. THERE IT IS.

There are several bad UI decisions that led to me almost giving up on using this whole forum:

  • All other site content is fixed-width in the center of the screen. I strongly expected the button to be there, but it wasn’t.
  • The button is almost the same color and lightness as the background. For color-blind people, it’s probably even worse.
  • The button has no text on it. I was looking for text, and I was searching for text, but nothing came up.