How do I disable overlapping control groups?

It is absolutely infuriating that when I want to split my army in two, the new group remains the same control group and I have to remap everything AGAIN. It’s absolutely horrendous design. No one ever needs a unit to be in more than 1 control group anyways.

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If you have a a control group assigned that you wish to remove, deselect all unit and click ctl + to remove that control group.

If you have 2,3 assigned to your horsemen, deselect everything, and then press ctl + 3, your horsemen will only be assigned to group 2.

The option you are asking for is called “control group stealing” and its possiblein Starcraft 2. Sadly not in Aoe4, so we have to wait till we get this feature.

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My current workaround for this is like @DustyMuffMan mentioned.

I often find I have say spearsmen on 1. Then on 2 I have all my spearmen and all archers, which is overlap I don’t want.

I find the group that has 2 overlaps (the UI shows 1,2), then I would hit Ctrl + 2 after selecting the ground (which deselects everything). And now all my spears are only on 1, and the archers are unbound; so just one more step to bind the archers to whatever you want.

This is a 2-step process, whereas the more naive technique is a stupid 3-step process.