How do i get good


It has come to my attetion that the way i was taught is incorrect and i always have an extremely low score until the late game. Any tips to make me better? some people online are a bit harsh sometimes.


Practise makes perfect, but today is your lucky day!

You can see some pro’s play a tournament today at 3:00 PM Central European Time.


a game is a program just like an other program and one can find a perfect way to beat it.
Despite being aware of this game for centuries I was actually a complete noob, but after trying it out again more recently I moved on from beating three enemies with one ally on very easy to beating multiple enemies on moderate while preserving score dominance throughout the whole game, haven’t played it since then though and the following strategy was tried out with high ressources only, but: produce villagers like crazy first, build a mill, lumbercamp, etc and stick all ressources in villagers and farms, don’t proceed with age until you’re on way more than 1000 on wood and food and perhaps gold and ignore your enemies progressing in age fully. Just produce villagers until you have 40 or something, all assigned to collecting ressources and from then it’s really easy, just try to produce as much heavy cavalry as possible and place towers all around your area + some range units in case an enemy would like to rush your base. This is the strategy that lets me win every game.

  1. many villagers to collect ressources
  2. heavy cavalry

ofc there are a lot of other details but yeah it’s basically practice and applying simple in- and excluding if-then functions