How do i get good


It has come to my attetion that the way i was taught is incorrect and i always have an extremely low score until the late game. Any tips to make me better? some people online are a bit harsh sometimes.


Practise makes perfect, but today is your lucky day!

You can see some pro’s play a tournament today at 3:00 PM Central European Time.


a game is a program just like an other program and one can find a perfect way to beat it.
Despite being aware of this game for centuries I was actually a complete noob, but after trying it out again more recently I moved on from beating three enemies with one ally on very easy to beating multiple enemies on moderate while preserving score dominance throughout the whole game, haven’t played it since then though and the following strategy was tried out with high ressources only, but: produce villagers like crazy first, build a mill, lumbercamp, etc and stick all ressources in villagers and farms, don’t proceed with age until you’re on way more than 1000 on wood and food and perhaps gold and ignore your enemies progressing in age fully. Just produce villagers until you have 40 or something, all assigned to collecting ressources and from then it’s really easy, just try to produce as much heavy cavalry as possible and place towers all around your area + some range units in case an enemy would like to rush your base. This is the strategy that lets me win every game.

  1. many villagers to collect ressources
  2. heavy cavalry

ofc there are a lot of other details but yeah it’s basically practice and applying simple in- and excluding if-then functions


I have the exact same problem as the Original Poster. This game just seems so hard. Like darn it.


Oh, it is hard. But that also means there’s a lot opportunity to improve which can be very rewarding. For starters, I woud recommend searching for “build order scenarios” in the steam workshop. Knowing how to build up to the common strategies is very useful and you can improve your skill quickly this way.


Try to learn a fast castle age and knight rush first, or, even better, a 2 or 3 TC boom. Don’t start by trying build orders with fast drush or feudal wars (which should be regarded as the more advanced curriculum in AoE2 - it requires lots of experience to get right). I know these youtubers start their tutorials with these, but you will not understand how, when and why to use those weak armies and you will be stuck in a very mediocre feudal play.

When you get used to always producing villagers and having the right balanced amount of resources, then you could go into more advanced stuff like fast feudal which needs you to be very comfortable with all game details, from macro to micro and game knowledge. Until then, just trust me, practice fast castle or booming.

I’ve teached many people starting like that and they are good players now, while the few that I tried to teach with drush or feudal 1v1 first, never saw the forest because of the trees, always getting totally outplayed.


The ten commandments of strategy games:

  1. Always keep producing villagers non stop (until maxed out)

  2. Always keep making houses (with ± 1 villager or maybe even 2)

  3. Always keep making military (except in the early game if you need to age up first)

  4. Always keep scouting your opponent to see what he does and scout his weaknesses.

  5. Always keep killing your enemy villagers (sent some scouts, archers, m@a to raid them etc)

  6. Always babysit your units if they are attacking. You can’t outgather horrible micro.

  7. Learn buildorders like: flush, trush, crush etc.

  8. Always keep doing meaningful upgrades for your military

  9. Learn about the right unit combinations, what counters what? For instance spearman do a very large bonus damage vs cav (500% if i am not mistaken, haven’t played aoe2 for a while)

  10. Learn hotkeys!!! Gradually keep adding hotkeys to your game. Go to tc, qeue villager, Idle villager hotkey etc.

  11. Don’t care to much about winning or losing. It is just a game. If you loose 10 times in a row, just qeue up for game 11.

  12. Keep your resources low, spend them as fast as possible, but on the right stuff. Add more military buildings if you are high on resources, or age up…

  13. Defending is easier then attacking. Build some towers and multiple towncenters to defend your villagers.


I like this idea! I’ll save this on a sticky note, i’ll use this in game for sure!

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