How do I go about getting a refund?

I preordered a game that was supposed to be out this month. I find out 3 days before release it is getting pushed back to next year. This was incredibly misleading and I’d like my money back, for now at least. I could have been playing the Grim Dawn expansion this whole time.

I heard that if you get the refund it will stay as a credit on Microsoft Store, the money won’t get back to your bank. Anyone knows if that is true? (I never purchased anything in this crap store before)

If that is the case, the refund will not be any helpful to me, as I have no intention to buy anything else there, so the money will still be useless to me, but very good for Microsoft as the interest it generates in their account will only grow… :frowning:

@TendrilHead Contact Windows Store Support for a refund.

If you have preordered the game then you will get an email about the delay. There they will give an option to either get the refund via a direct link or have it preordered. No need to contact the support team as the guy above me mentioned. Though that is also a way, it is a longer way.