How do I install game to Steam?

I got the invite, the page says I am able to install on both Steam and Microsoft Store, requirements check OK for both platforms, my Steam account is linked and has a green icon, yet I can’t see how to install the game.

Microsoft store apps never worked on my computer properly, so I would like to try the Steam version if possible. How can I do that?

Are there an activation key and a beta access code in your mail? If so, you can check the steps in the link below.

I have a mail that says “Continue below to find your game key” buit there is no key in this mail. After that I can read:

To access the beta, you will need to use the same Microsoft Account that you used to register as an Age Insider; there is no product key to activate, you just need to be using the authorized Microsoft Account . Once you sign in to the Xbox Insider Hub, you will see Age of Empires III: DE in your available Insider content. Find more information here.

However I can see in my profile that both my gamertag and steam account are enabled, and the Steam version is available somewhere. Do I need to perform additional steps to get a Steam key equivalent?

I guess the system only provides one activation way for each insider due to the consideration of cost control. I’m just a normal participant just like you. so there is not much I could help. Sorry for that. :disappointed_relieved:
However, there are still some suggestions I could give. First, in the link I mentioned above, you could also find how to install through the Microsoft Store platform, which is also in the entry of “BETA INSTALLATION”. It seems that this is the only way to join. Second, to prevent this situation from happening again, I strongly recommend you turn off the preference of the Microsoft Store in the “Beta Preferences” entry. You can find it in your insider profile.
Hope this could help you.

I have updated my preferences as you said, I didn’t know that option existed, thanks!

Regarding the key… well I guess we’re out of luck. I had already installed the store version, but AoE 2 was impossible for me to play, lots of errors that locked me out of the game, support couldn’t help anyhow. Also had several problems while trying to download and play the games from the gamepass, which I eventually cancelled due to those problems.

I’m just afraid I’d get a lot of crashes only because I’m using the store version, but I guess it’s OK for a beta.


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