How do I open the age of empires 4 editor?

I don’t know how to open it and if it is necessary to install it.

Using Steam

By Steam interface:

  1. Navigate to your Library
  2. In the search bar, type “content editor” and press launch

By windows explorer:

  1. Navigate to: SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ Age of Empires IV
  2. Open “EssenceEditor.exe”

Using Microsoft Store / Xbox app:

  1. In windows explorer, navigate to: Program Files \ WindowsApps
  2. In the search bar (top right) type “EssenceEditor” and press enter to start seaching inside all folders
  3. In the search results you will find “EssenceEditor.exe”, right click it and choose “Open file location”
  4. In the new window that now appears, you will find “EssenceEditor.exe”
  5. (optimal) Right click EssenceEditor.exe and choose “Send to desktop (create shortcut)” for faster access in the future

Note: You can’t open the WindowsApps folder by default as it’s locked, follow this tutorial to access it: