How do I opt out of event mods?

I hate fun. I don’t want to be auto-subscribed to event mods. How do I opt out of them? If it’s not currently possible, can it be made possible?

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First click on your name in upper right corner of main menu.
Then choose “Event Mods” and unsubscribe from those, which you don’t want:


Thanks for the reply. I’ve already unsubscribed from these mods (via the MODS menu rather than this part of the UI), but my issue is that when new events are released, I am automatically subscribed to those mods.

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Umm Just ignore them?

Unfortunately I think you’ll just have to deal with it. Suddenly warping it from “automatically subscribe to event mods” to “never automatically subscribe to event mods” just creates its own issues.

The mods are easy to disable. Don’t like 'em, disable 'em.

At least you are not getting subscriptions to event mods that you have already unsubscribed. There is a bug some people are facing including me where event mods are getting resubbed every other day.
The age up sfx mod and age1 military creation sfx mod are so annoying. Its making me hate aoe1 :rofl: