All right, how do I get rid of this game on my laptop?
I’ve had it with this failure. It’s full of bugs, it crashes, it disappears, etc. This is by far the worst game in the age of empires-series. By very far, where other games were easy to manipulate this game goes about as it sees fit.
I’m from Belgium so I contacted Microsoft Belgium already to get my money back because through this forum there is no real assistance, no clientservice after sale.
So, how do i get access to the windowsapp-map Phoenix so i can remove this BS completly?


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I want money back aswell . After 20 years i ended with this game. Yestrday i do install CS:GO :-(( and move back to voobly.


I just scrolled through this “Ask for help”-forum and I find it amazing how many complaints there are about a dysfunctional game. I never saw something like this before with a AOE-game. Never. It’s holidays now in Belgium so I won’t be able to make contact with Microsoft again till wednesday but i am going to link them with this forum. This is a real disgrace for Microsoft and i doubt if they understand with what they have associated with.
I have used AOE, AOEII and AOEIII and its variations, this is by far the most unfriendly for users. Not by far, there is no comparison possible.

Lord an behold …
Just opened my laptop and there is AOE II DE again. I don’t get. Really, i don’t. Wednesday i have my contact with MS, we will see if the game holds. If it does, i’m gonna ask for a trial period of a month and if it keeps holding that is fine for me.
Maybe, i need to clarify a few things because people think i consider AOE II a complete failure. I don’t, actually i think the gameplay, the grapichs, the possibilities (p.e. the trigger assortiment in the editor), … in short the game looks good. It’s just, the stability an reliability of the game that freaks me out.
Fingers crossed, i hope it holds, really i do.

So, how was this possible …
I got a mail from MS and they advised the following:
Don’t try to remove the game, don’t change anything, just go to MS Store, download and install. It worked.

Click uninstall. Or just delete it. Are you trolling here? Because this thread sounds like a troll post. In fact, I’m pretty sure you are trolling, but I’ll humor you anyway.

Also, this game requires high specs to run. Granted, the game needs more updates.

Me? Nope.
A few days ago the whole game seemed to have been gone from my laptop (except for the Phoenix-map which i couldn’t enter), so i started contacting MS here in Belgium. They told me what to do and it worked AOE II DE is operational (at least for now). So, i’m going to try for a month, see what that gives …

When you uninstall a game you can play a game… what the ■■■■ you talking about. XD

Look, friend, i don’t know what you mean. There were issues with the game on my laptop, i still don’t know if it will keep on operating but for now it does. For now, that’s what matters, your spooky toughts about me being a troll are irrelevant. I just hope that other people can be helped as well. Okay?

I know this may sound elitist, but if your PC is a potato you should not try run high spec games on it. Oh, sure, maybe your PC can run AOE 2 2013. But trying to run AOE 2 DE seems full hardy.

What I’m saying is the game should not have to downgrade just because your PC can’t run it. That said, yes, the game still needs fixing. (it’s gotten better, but not perfect)

AOE can have tons of units on the map. You need a fairly strong PC to calculate all the activity. Especially when there are hundreds of trade cards on the map. And a Goth player is spamming infantry.

Still don’t know what you are talking about but it probably makes sense to you. So that’s fine with me :wink:

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Ok, i’m impressed. When i first installed, i couldn’t enter any map of the game (let alone uninstall). Now everything is accessible. That means, i’m able to use p.e. AI-mods (immobile units) in scenario’s.
The game hasn’t crashed anymore. Short, everything runs smoothly.


Please take that kind of comment for yourself.