How do I turn trees into regeneration in the editor?

我要怎麼做 才能在編輯器裡面 把樹木的資源變成無限再生?
找了很久 都沒有進展

What can I do to make the tree resource infinitely regenerable in the editor?
I’ve been looking for a long time, but no progress


In the attribute editor under the resource ext there is an int/float used with a boolean to set the regen data for each species and its corresponding presentations. I believe there is also booleans and references related to regen interaction functionality and entity state rendering in the types, entitybp, interactive object, wreck, and tier ext’s of same clone.

Is it in this edit option?
Are there related keywords to search for?



This is most important for the actual amount of wood each tree has available to be gathered at any given moment. The
delay between depletion and regrowth begins at end of the most recent “chop” or gather tick from the most recent villager. Another chop from any villager resets the delay. If the tree depletes faster than regenerates completely down to a stump it will not respawn if only this value is changed. That is where the *_states, and types, and so-on ext’ mentioned previously come into play.
That is the general understanding i’ve obtained through trial and (much) error so take the steps with that in consideration.

I Hope that helps! :crossed_fingers:

So what values should I modify to make it successful?