How Do I Use My TL3 Skills?

I just became a regular yesterday and I went through a list of all my skills and tried out some of them but to my surprise none of them worked. Can anyone help me figure out how to use all of my skills?

Hi @FoughtBird1976, What were you trying to do?

You can read more about trust levels here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I was testing out my ability to change topic headings written by others. I didn’t want to change it, just try to edit and cancel it afterwards.

That may be not available on these forums unless you are a staff or a moderator.

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Regular is no different than TL2 then.

You can make your own posts a wiki which allows editing beyond 30 days.

Unfortunately, there’s no Lounge for Regulars on these forums.

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According to the discourse site, I should have gotten a personal tutorial upon reaching TL3 but I never did.

This may be disabled for the Age of Empires forums. :man_shrugging:

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