How do I use the Mongols

Never used them before but I want to use them. How do I use them? Whats the best newbie rook build order I can use?

Tower Rush is a popular meme. But that’s not really playing Mongols nor exclusive to the Civ.

Fast Castle on 1TC (sometimes w/Dock) then push is your standard rook strat.

well I could tell you about the early tower rush, that most mongol players tend to favor especially in 1v1.

But I will instead tell you about how to be a real MONGOL BATR.

Mongols are very different from any other Civ’s. You don’t build houses (thank god)
You don’t have walls (this is actually a strenght)
You have a Hero unit that becomes a keystone for your strategies.

Mongols have a strong econ because you can smash that TC point blank between Wood and Gold.

So when you start the game, first thing you do. Spend 1 extra second to look around. Find a place where Wood and Gold are relativly close to each other.
if wood and gold are not close at all. Alternativly you can put it between Stone and Wood.

once tactical TC position has been found.
immidietly send your villagers to chop wood near your TC.
Send 1 of them to build a Oovoo.
Send the Oovoo builder on sheep afterwards (Just shift click oovoo then onto sheep near TC).

On that matter, Sheep is Key.
Once TC is unpacked. Build a second scout.
Have the khan bring all the sheep to your TC before running off into the wild towards the enemie.
Your second scout runs into the back, try catch all the sheep as if youre playing pokemon.

For your first 150wood collected build a Sheep pen, put it on Oovoo and rally it towards TC.
Find the enemie base. Look at the enemie base.
try find their gold and stone.

Keep them scouted.
Bring the scout back up to TC to deposit sheep then have it run towards the Khan keeping an eye on the enemie base.

Build a secondary sheep pen for your next 150 wood. all the while your making new villagers putting them on sheep.
Once you hit 6 or so villagers on food, then take 3 vills from wood and build a ger next to gold if its far away, or woodline if your tc is next to gold. and have them start collecting gold.

Look at the enemie base when they hit feudal.
Are what military production are they going for?

French guarantee to go Knights and archers. So go for Barracks and Stables.
Go for Archery range if you see barracks or stables.

Mangudai are pretty good to counter early knights. But then you also need to make sure to give them Range dmg upgrades.
But Mangudai are also very weak towards archers. SO only worth going for early if they are solely spamming cavalry or melee infantry.

Don’t feel pressiured to age up fast with mongols. They thrive better having spend some extra time between ages.

Teamgames I always go for Silver Tree and Kurultai. Unless I have plenty of gold veins spawned close to me. I go for Deer stones and Steppe redoubt.

Infact this is where the key to mongol play comes:

Are you planning on early pressiure and rushing the opponent? Deer stones and Steppe redoubt is better.

Are you planning on a slower game and much stronger lategame / playing in teamgames?
Going for Silver Tree and Kurultai is better.

If you go for Kurultai, important to upgrade faster building movements in the oovoo.
Khan Arrow is also another very important upgrade especially in team games.

Get used to trying to put your Econ over to trade asap if you go for silver tree.
but also be aware of timing. Dont build traders if french knights are roaming around early game. Hold on a bit and stat spamming them later once front lines have been estabelished. Start making towers towards Tradepoint, be it friendly or neutral. Always make sure your trade is as far back as you can.

Setting up Tower line before you make traders if you have early raiders roaming, might be a good idea before investing in traders, as it allows you to see if the traderoute has become safe or not. (upgrade towers with springals in castle, this kills off any small backraiders)

Kurultai plays interesting. Remember, Khan arrow buffs + kurultai also effects your teammates.

I use this to allow my self to do an effective double push. I will use the Khan and Kurultai defensivly close to my teammates defending armies.
While my Horseman/Mangudai armies focuses on the offense. Lead by a scout.

Scouts are important.
Learn to use the falcons, they excell in stealth forest maps as it gives you full vision.

my favourite unit composition is: Mangudai+Horsemen. all the meanwhile building up a MaA mass that i use to make Mangonels and Trebs with.
The Mangudai+Horsemen i use to weaken the enemie. while the MaA+Siege i use to push the enemie. If the opponent is very heavy with Cavalry and crossbows. I replace MaA with Spearmen instead, but set up a few extra barracks for production and more vill on food and wood.

Thats at least a universal build i go for, be it 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.

Just remember:
Scouting is important. Use the falcons.
Building towers around the map is important.
Towers and LOS is your form of wall and defense.
get early prayer tent and use it to zoom around collecting relics.
Have a mobile army. Use it defensivly in form of skirmishing and hit and runs.
Rely on infantry to build siege in the frontline, those are the units you dedicate fights with supported by your mobile army.


Mongol is very reliant on manually controlling their armies. especially if you go for mangudai. Their strenght lies in your ability to controll them, and to use the Khan correctly.

I tend to favor using Speed arrow when going for hit and run with my Horsemen+Mangudai combo. ANd I use it when I go for the attack. the moment the opponent start focusing on fighting back, I retreat.

If they are chasing your units, all the better, kite the opponent armies whenever you can and dwindle them off, or distract them away from the main armies of your teammates or your infantry/Siege army.

This is the exact reason Why i favor going for Traders, rather than vills. As once you have around 50 traders, You have a pretty stable economy that does not need to be managed.

Imperial age always go for the White Stupa, and surround it with sheep pens, this will provide you more than enough foor.

Only ever build Khaganate palace if you have been crushed by manage to hang on to life but have limited resources and can hide behind friendly bases.

Or if you play island maps. AS it allows you to focus on Navy, and you automaticly transition to land units as khaganate palace have been slowly building up your land army while your focusing on getting controll over the water.

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Thank you for the advice!