How do Japanese deal with late-game Korean onager?

Yea, it’s post-loss complaining, but in Amazon Tunnel 4 team 2x2x2x2, I was plowing through everyone with Japanese until a strongish player with Korea. I even managed to killed his teammate with a backwoods breakthrough … but the Onagers. He was a good player and was continuously building barracks and, yes, it was a narrow tunnel, so worst of all worlds, but in a grinding 20 minutes battle vs each other, even after killing all his trade and he buying gold on the market, he managed to kill a fully healthy Japanese player (me) with those stupid Onagers. I had bad cav, bad siege, and no bombard. Japanese trebs would sometimes slow the Onager + Halb mass down but those Onagers killed so much that Korean Halbs were grinding down Japanese Samurai. Literally I was spamming units at full pop for 20 minutes… Super Korean Onagers we’re unstoppable.

What can you do in Amazon Tunnel / Black Forest / Snake ect vs mass Korean Onagers as Japanese?

Japanese Yasama Towers with Katapuruto Trebs behind. Champs+light cav might help (infantry kills halbs and LC snipe SO). Instead of Samurai you might rather HCA killing halbs from distance, in the middle of towers, so SO cant get near unpunished

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Lots of people forget about monks in these situations. Japanese do not get bbc, but they do get very good monks… Convert those punk ass Onagers. You only need 1-2 conversions and the fight switches completely.


I don’t think monks are an option in amaon tunnel…
Especially not if 2 archer civs play against each other.

But i’m actually nore surpridet that the korean player doesn’t made mostly war wagons…

The relatively effective way to deal with this at the time is probably the Monks.

If the Korean player had a good strategy for using units at the time, placing Bombard Connons or Trebuchets behind his Siege Onagers, I guess it would be hard for the Yasama Keeps to perform.

How I wish the Japanese could get a new Imperial UT and gain Bombard Connons.

I started doing that… it’s kind of a draw. Remember, this is Amazon tunnel, so the late game is just a constant flood of units, but the problem was that when i towered up, well, he would (eventually) bring up some Trebs of his own. And while there’s a bit of a dance there, basically, it’s kind of a break-even to slightly lose scenario as his Onager have extra range and my Trebs have to be in front of the towers to protect them. Also, it was a massive flood of halbs - 150+ at any point.

You know i don’t think i’ve ever converted a Catapult with a Monk unit… ever. Really need to try that, thanks!

Flood of Japanese Halbs and Samurai (with some misc. ranged tossed in to help) kills War Wagons faster than he could rebuilt them. But really it was at that stage after killing his trade and he was running on the market, he probably couldn’t afford both Onagers and War Wagons. WW are pretty much one of the top 3? 5? late game units, horrifically difficult to kill.

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What was the pop limit?
Your trebs (un)pack much faster than any civ, them with Yasama Towers would do the job for sure with some micro. About the 150 halbs, yours are better and if the SO come in to kill yours the tower can be microed to kill them while you push back your army to run from the projectiles

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Think it was 300 pop game.

Oh for sure, but the point was that I couldn’t flank him with cav - just too much chaff.

But the problem was that once it became an infantry vs infantry game his seige (remember it’s in a narrow corridor environment) just wipes opposing infantry. I tried cav archer and hand cannon combos and they couldn’t kill fast enough. To be fair to him he was a total fungus player and constantly built forward barracks / siege shop at every step forward he made, so it was a real flood of units.

I got pissed because he was just lol’ing the whole time about how bad we were losing to him 2v1, and I kept telling him it was bc I didn’t have bombards, I watched after he killed me and my weak teammate for a bit longer (my teammate kept charging his Cavalier straight into Halb hordes, so I appreciate the effort but maybe not the execution) - sure enough he got stuck on the Turk player with Turkish extra range and quit.

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Probably you were just outclassed by him.
Just forget about it, some people just need this kind of 1v2 vs way lower ranked players to feel superior.
Don’t let yourself provoked by it. They feed from that.

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