How Do Ranked Points Work?

Having some games on Ranked ladder where my opponent will just resign at the start saying that it would have been +0 or +1 for them if they won.

How do they know this information? Also should people really be allowed to instaleave to avoid risking points on ladder?

I mean it’s nice that the current system of early resignations stops people from dropping their ELO hard on purpose but it is weird that this can be sort of exploited to protect points as well.

I haven’t seen this, but if it’s only +1 they would be ranked much higher than you. It’s possible they were just not willing to risk you being a smurf, as they would lose a lot if they did lose against you. It might be that they just didn’t want to play a game with someone with a much lower rating as it’d be boring.

Personally I wouldn’t want to play with someone with a much higher or much lower skill level than mine, I like playing with players my level, or a little bit higher, but only a little, too good and it’s no fun, too weak and it’s no fun.