How do we take AOE to the next level of gaming?

Aoe2 competitive play as a huge learning curve. And am not talking about just the strategies. Just the gameplay itself has a learning curve. But while learning we have these 4 things to consider -

  1. Gameplay
  2. Build economy
  3. Build military
  4. Strategy

I restarted playing aoe2 in the lockdown along with counterstrike. These were the games we played the most 20 years ago. But most of the my friends were keen to return to counterstrike but not aoe2. The reason being that aoe requires too much work. And i agree. If you are not accustomed to the gameplay, controlling 200-300 units is way more work.

Which is why Warcraft evolved from RTS to MOBA with DotA. Then dota2 became official and it has this huge community playing the games even now. AOE2 introduced battle royale which is a fun game but it still is a FFA. We already have CBA Castle Blood Auto which is the closest thing to DotA like gameplay where you only concentrate on military and the matches (more often than not) area shorter. Can CBA be absorbed by the official team and made more balanced?

Which will be great way for casuals to start playing the game and eventually move on to RMs and DMs

I prefer to have AoE the way it is today. Not like CS, not like DOTA, nor like anything else. This is why the community is so passionate and mature. It takes some dedication and hard work to master it. Cheesy boys can’t stand this.
As a matter of fact, mastering CS and DOTA takes a lot of time. I am not undermining the work other players put. It is a different kind of skills, which you hone with AoE. Multitasking and keeping a strong nerve under pressure, adapting your strategy and learning the hidden bonuses are something that the other games don’t require from the gamers.
In a nutshell, I’d rather have a smaller community with a deep love for the game, than seeing it “commercialized” and sold to the masses.

Why will the small community that loves RM disappear if there’s a MOBA format that goes along with it? I don’t think there can be a FPS format here anyway. Keeping the community small is good for players but not really from the studio’s point of view. They would want more people buying the game.

Of course, from business point of view it is inevitable and I dread the day, when someone in the team comes with the idea of simplifying the game for the sake of more newcomers. :money_mouth_face:
Well, we can always play the original game and its expansions, if we don’t like the new stuff coming at us. As a matter of fact, most of my friends prefer CS 1.6 and don’t give a damn about the later releases of the game. I guess we have reached that point in gaming history, where we can play retro games and have decent communities around them, so good for AoE fans! :sunglasses:

I think both versions can exist side by side. A full on economy + military version of the game along with casual gamers coming for MOBA formats like CBA. And once the casual gamers are comfortable with the game mechanics, they can even move to the multitasking RM DM games. But i believe that by justing having only RM DM modes as the official one, it won’t increase to the levels of DotA. CBA needs to be absorbed officially. And then tweaks done based on community input to make it playable. As a studio you want to lure in more players but also keep the serious gamers stay for a long time. The balance can be achieved with this i believe.

integrated voice chat for people who are playing solo.