How do we transfer scenario map?

When I open a room to play multiplayer, I want them to have the map that I made so we can play but NOPE… all the potential players say they don’t have the map.

In Age of Empires 2, they would automatically download it, but not here… Wtf? How do I get them to play my map?

Hi @Qaex, AoE:DE does not currently support transfer of custom scenario files like AoE II HD. It is my understanding this feature is on the dev list. In the meantime you should be able to share the file via email with your friends and play custom scenarios that way.

Ah… I hope it will be developped soon then. I’ll be waiting.

@Qaex -> We have the same problem with the szenarios at the moment, wana play this in multiplayer game, but it doesnt work with other guys who doesnet have the map config. Its realy important i think, because the standard maps are boring. Hope they will fix this soon.