How do you advertise a mod?

Let’s say you just finished a really amazing mod you can’t wait to share with the world. How do you make sure people look it up? Do you just upload it and rely on people finding it themselves on the mods page? It would be very disheartening to make a great mod only for it to get less than 10 downloads. On a busy day your mod could simply be flooded off the newest mods page. Mine did once, when someone decided to upload about 10 of their mods back to back.

My best bet at the moment is to just continue playing it online with other people but it seems slow
join us

The AoE2 subreddit is always a good option

host multiplayer and get a game start and hope people like it. and it’ll eventually spread

You would have to host games pretty much 24/7 for this to actually work. It’s fine to get games yourself, but not feasible to actually advertise your mod

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there is one problem, if your mod modified many things, strings and tech tree are also changed. But they must be in another mod, can not spread by host a game.

yea they might work around it by combining it but there are other issue. so for now we just wait and hope they can find a best solution to this. not to mention people who has slower internet, download the main mod already takes forever like 5-7 mins, even with current improvement.

combine the mod will make them bigger and takes much longer to download. pros and cons.

i still hope one day my nothing map gets picked up by T90 and hopefully gets a huge publicity from that (well let me dream), even thought T90 doesnt have the viewer numbers he used to on FB.

if you find a way that works, let me now.

I have a Nothing map myself and it’s yet to get any publicity. What’s your map?

My best nothing map is propably exploding birds nothing. Its based on the random chance trigger and the random flight paths of birds l. I keep spawning different kind of birds, let them fly abut and then kill them at random time. At the point they died they will explode visually and turn into stuff like elefants, gold, trees, leopards.

Over time the map that started out completely empty will fill up and turn into a complete mess.

There is some slight structure thought, tress spawn more in cornea, elefants more around a ring in the center. Gold more in a larger ring, and stone furthest out. But it still has lots of variance.

I was really proud for having a koth + regicide Scenario with triggers, before it became an in build one click option. The maps name is Almost Nothing.

How about yours?

Interesting. Mine is actually very similar to yours. It’s called Lootbox Nothing. You’re surrounded by nothing but Pavilions and each Pavilion has random loot in it that spawns when you kill it

Can I also ask you, what triggers did you use to make random loot? My method takes a lot of work to pull off

I modify the unit dead Id of falcons, Macau, etc. To stone, gold, Elefant and babao trees.

Then I use a repeating trigger with

Condition 1: timer atleast x seconds since last time this trigger actiavetd
Condition2: chance z (the in build randomness)

Effect 1: kill all birds of type y
Effect2: spawn in New birds of type y at lactation 1

  • a few copy’s of effect 2 with different location.

The randomness is first the flight paths of the birds and second the chance condition controlling when they die.

I use 5 different birds for gold stone, wood, elefants and leopards, fixed for each Ressource (dead Id) with different spawn locations, and chance and timer conditions.

So only one t repeating trigger per bird/Ressource plus one trigger to set the death ids once

I would love to see how spawn a group of stuff in one time. Is your map on the workshop?

Yeah, search for Lootbox Nothing. It’s in mods ingame. Unless you mean Steam Workshop

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