How do you change idle monk wololo sound and health bar colors?

The sound where Monks randomly go Nenene or Wololo for no reason while they’re standing still or walking really pisses me off. I need to change it so I don’t get triggered every 5 seconds. I’ve spent countless hours trying to guess what it’s called in the files. Disabling it would be nice but changing it would be even better because I have other sounds to use.

I know to mod other Monk sounds you need to replace the file like wololo1.wem in mods\local\modname\resources_common\drs\sounds, but I can’t guess what the idle Monk sound is called and I’ve looked through all the files in the sound modding guide and can’t find it at all so I assume it’s not included. Does anyone know what it’s called?

Also I’ve made the ultimate color mod but the only thing I haven’t been able to change is the health bar colors on top of units. I’ve only managed to change the one on the portraits which doesn’t change the other 1.