How do YOU control Mohout (s)?

Mohout’s pathing is WORST in the game, we all know that. And DEVS just sit there ignoring.

What are your ways to control and drive mohouts? especially when its a bumpy map/alot of walls / mohout quantity is 3-10 ? What’s your prefered quantity ?
Do you split it in 2 groups ? Or You just right click an leave ?
Or you do Attack move ? anything else ? Suggestions ?


  • I think Mohout can use a formation grids option, like warships.
  • Have a lil damage while they walk, like the new euro native unit, Royal Kingsman.

Feel free to add anything that might help.


What have I missed? *

It’s a mercenary, not a native unit. It’s confusing because the new European units are very poorly named. It’s called “Royal Horsemen” despite not being a royal house unit.

It’s ability to trample everything nearby doesn’t make sense for a unit that’s supposed to be a bodyguard that protects important people around it. It would however, be a perfect ability for Elephants. I think all elephants could have a weak version by default, and the Terror Charge tech could boost it for melee elephants.


From House of Bouron.

Royal horseman , its pretty good unit actually, its basically a gendarme variation :

  • Guard Cavalry mercenary riding a heavy war horse that damages units while moving.

  • “Inflicts 7 melee damage while being in movement in a radius of 1”

Exactly !!! coz they waste their 40% of time wandering around. the enemy unit.

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It’s still a mercenary, not a native unit and requires a tech to train them. Somalis have something similar that lets them train Askari mercenaries from the Trade Post.

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Apparently I think no one has any idea on how to use Mohout better :slight_smile:

Well no traction here , no one plays with a civ that is soo nerfed compared to any other.

i wasn’t sure exactly what info you’re looking for. mahout micro is like, you send the units using the pointer aimed slightly behind the units you want to target. when the mahouts get close they spread out to try to go around the units in the way (the ones you want to target) because they are trying to get behind them. when they split you immediately attack move and the mahouts then strike hard simultaneously across the whole front line of infantry

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Exactly something like this, I was looking for, and any other kind of approaches I might not be aware of. coz there is very less content about it.

Apart from it , Would really want this to happen :