How do you counter Hakkapelit?

hi, maybea dumb question but, how do you counter these Swedish ranged cav?

My enemy went pure these boys so I went skirms plus a few ruyters since both of these units have bonus damage against ranged cav (actually I am not so sure about ruyters anymore, they used to cav anti cav bonus in vanilla but hanged in TAD…)

anyway my counter army larger army with equal upgrade both industrial got completely shredded???

not just once bet multiple times with the same unit comps. so obsouvly I must have understood soething wrong. are swedens ranged cav not classified as ranged cav somehow and cant be countered like goons?

should I have used hussars?

I mean I don’t have many more options as dutch. I couldt try it since the game crashed while my skirm ruyer were getting decimed the third time by pure hakkapelit…

to be honest they seem absutlitley op with their ranged aoe damage. since they are fast hac with good hp it doesn’t even matter that they got short ranged, so they can masaker my skirms.

also generally durch units appear to be quite inderwhelming now. powercreep much compared to vanilla aoe 3 without expansions.

I think they are more like melee cavalry who has some range, so heavy inf is better choice or dragoons.

don’t have heavy infantry as dutch (halberds suck). If they are classified like hussars and not like dragons then it makes sence why my skirms didn’t work.

checked the wiki and you are right, they are classified as heavy cav and not light cav therefor no bonus damage for my skrims, instead my skirms got countered by the ranged cavalry of Sweden instead.

disaster… next time more ruyters

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A combination of Hussars and Ruyters should work. Hussars have quite a bit more hitpoints than Hakkapelits and their speed, combined with their ranged resist and the low range of the Hakkapelits, make Hussars very hard to kite with Hakkapelits. Use the Hussars to snare the Hakkapelits and to tank their damage, while the Ruyters finish them off from a distance. The range upgrade for the Hakkapelits from the Home City in Fortress (I’m not sure if Ranged Cavalry Caracole also buffs them) might make them a bit more difficult to catch, but try this strategy and see if it works.

Dutch halberdiers are actually quite good, they are pretty speedy, get +30% stats from cards aswel as a royal guard upgrade. Theyre probally one of the best halberdiers in the game. Ruyters would work aswel but like any other dragoon they lose to heavy cavalry in melee, so you have to kite them.

They are basically short range husser , use goons and musks or even pike/habs . Skirmishers don’t counter them

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Ruyter are a great unit that you can mass easily with dutch (only 30 food and 75 gold).

Skirmisher has nos bonus damage against hackapelites.

Hakkapelit beat hussar+ruyter with feet micro. AFK is also enough.

Skirms do 2x to light cav. Hakka is kight cav. I’d use skirms.

This is an old thread, before the recent patch that turned Hakkapelit into light ranged cavalry. Back then the best counter were pikemen (musketeers not so much) and dragoon.

It is pretty hard to counter due to obvious negligence from devs. They will nerf it next patch for sure.

This is true now, yes. That post of mine is from two years ago and was relevant back then.