How do you get gold in a late game? Teutonic Fortress Solution

if your united dont die you dont have to replace them

really fun match I hope you enjoy.

“How Are You Getting Gold?” Lets ask Teutonic Fortress - YouTube

thank you for the support

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Not sure why you seems to obsessed with such bad strategy. It only works because their low levels. At low level everything can work.


isnt that the beauty of it?

playing AOE2 the way you want to play age?

who cares what your elo is have fun with the game.

Also Tuetonic fortress is climbing in rating 1000 now I think?

@HealFortress, the inventor of the Teutonic Healing Fortress should be able to help you.

He is hardly rge inventor of this type of strategy. This type of strategy has existed for ages. Since rhe dawn of rts Turtle behind walls and then attack late is a staple. I literally was doing this when I started back when I first got the game.

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But he at least perfected it, didn’t he?

Perfected? He’s barely cracking 1k elo. That’s hardly a perfect strategy.

Did he at least improve it?

Doubtful. This strategy has existed since the dawn of rts

Did he at least popularize it?

A strategy that has existed for decades suddenly became popular bc of him? No

Did he do anything???

Nothing others haven’t already done.

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Then why is his name HealFortress and why did he make all the threads on this forum about the Teutonic Healing Fortress?

Because he thinks he’s being original and doing something no one has done before? Just because someone thinks something doesn’t mean its true.

People think teutonic knight is some all powerful hard to beat unit. Doesn’t make it true.


Well, this is the second time you’ve ruined a forum user for me by describing them as a troll.

I dont think he’s a troll.

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Well, you did at least ruin Equalizer for me, kind of.

I don’t know why I started liking him after he was banned, was it because he was a familiar face or was it because of something else?

he has improved it in my opinion I have seen him grow and make variations to this strat. Its a turtle strat for sure but I enjoy it non the less.

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