How do you get more than 200 pop?

Just don’t understand how my opponent had more than 200 pop.
He always had around 170 eco unit, and 60 military.

Was this a custom game? Some people add hidden cheats to their civ when they make mods. What was the civ? Maybe there’s a bug of something counting as a unit in postgame, easiest way would be spectate and see what he has.

no it was ranked match 1v1

Wondering if there was a monk conversion or something, I think that can screw with the graphs. Pretty sure I remember someone having negative population because of that at some point.

There was no monk conversion. And if you check that’s pretty much the whole game not just at one point

Right, monk conversion is just one thing that messes with the graph since the population graph never considers you to have created/lost those units so it gets permanently screwed up. (IE if you have 50 units, convert 30 more and then lose those 30, the graph considers you to have 20 units left even though you actually have 50). Also not sure if this bug even still exists.

I would just recommend watching the replay and seeing if he actually had over 200 pop

Was he Mongol? I guess their buildings still count as units because u can move them.

Everything is fine. Buy our DLC. Stop whining about our bugs and use that energy to get good. ./sarcasm