How do you think AOE4 will impact AOE2?

Considering that both games share roughly the same time frame and setting?

What are the in your opinion deciding factors aside from good gameplay (which is of course subjective)?

How long do you think will AOE2:DE get supported after AOE4’s release?


I have to admit that I personally like AoE2:DE so much that if AoE4 was considerably different I likely wouldn’t play it. To me, AoE3 felt so different - it was as though the only similarity was the AoE name. I’m looking for a generational-leap in graphics technology and some game mechanics, not an entirely different game experience. In other words, I want it to feel like AoE2:DE but just look and run a whole lot better. New units? Yes. New defensive and offensive upgrades? Of course! I am just a creature of habit and hope that it still feels like “home”. Regardless of how it turns out, I hope that it is very successful and enjoys a large community of players at all levels. If that means an end to AoE2:DE development, then so be it. One cannot expect a game to exist forever - technology and other factors will always have an impact on what people want to play and experience. I’m excited to see what comes of it all.


I will sink my teeth into uncharted territory and play thousands of hours of AoE4

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i think it will heavily depend on whether or not AoE4 is a good game.

i fully intend to buy it and play it, but whether i mainstay it the way i do aoe2 depends heavily on how good it is.


i’m excited for aoe4 but so many people aren’t invested in it and think it will fail, i like aoe2 more though since it’s easier to add civs


It’s difficult to get invested in a game where so much is unknown and that we won’t see until 2021 at the earliest. Given the challenges created by a pandemic I wouldn’t be surprised to see a launch date in 2022.


That’s why Remasters are a thing. To be honest, I’m also curious but I’m hoping for continued AOE2:DE support.


AoE IV may bury or reduce the reputation and intreset of previous AoE franchise series, but only with the exception of AoE III because AoE III is about colonization.