How do you unlock that visual indicator that shows which building is researching tech?

Ok, I have a small confession to make and this sounds kinda dumb, but I could never figure out how to trun on that glowing visual indicator thing that shows which buildings are researching tech. I always see it on YouTube with casters and in pro games but can never do it myself. Can someone tell me how???

In the graphical options, make sure you have “advanced options” on, and then select “low particles”, this will remove all particles, including this glow, that weren’t in the original game. I couldn’t find a more specific option tho.

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You might be interested in Mayhem - Calculating Research FX mod.

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Ok I’ll look into that, thanks. But just to clarify I want to turn the feature on not off.

Oooops I misread 11

Ok it turned out I just had to turn up my particle effects to max. Thanks, it never occured to me that that may have been the issue.