How do you view your units?

I don’t know if its just me but when i build units in this game. I pretend they are a group. On screen you may see a single m@a but when he fights its a small group. I think its how i justified the hp concept as a kid and it just carried over. Like they didn’t have the power to add a group of units so you have a simple representation of a squad of that unit. It also helped explain why siege units had no operators.
Do any of you think in this manner?

  • Yes i do that or something similar
  • No thats odd
  • Never thought of it that way

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It’s similar for me except I still roleplay for single units and groups of units in formation - with enough numbers the notion of a single unit being a group disappears and gets lost in the play when in games beyond 75 pop - for instance I used to patrol a single cavalry unit in front of a line of others and imagine a speech before battle (around the time braveheart came out haha)

That and I try to take care of my units and not allow them to die cause I don’t want weeping family members

If I send them to their doom it had better have a good reason I can tell the lady asking where’s my son from attack on titan.

I mean, what would you say to this face if you had to report to her that your decisionmaking was responsible le for the loss of her son?

Kinda why I heal my units often so I don’t have to face thousands of mothers like Moses’

Q: He died for an honorable reason, right? He made our Empire safe with his loss, right?

A:he died for nothing, because my decisions got him killed and for nothing more than a wrong decision.
A blasted charge into his certain doom because I failed to give the order to Dodge that onager fire at the right moment! We ended up retreating with heavy losses and those siege engines are still out there…

That’s a bit too heavy for me personally-
Losing your men for nothing more than a terrible strategic play or for ‘even’ or ‘favorable’ trades - it’s not worth losing a single man.
It’s not worth making Moses’ mother weep.


This is my kind of player. In none ranked games i like to keep my houses evenly spaced and walled in like a private housing area. Some games ill make a prison near the stone lol

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something like this?

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An unit is just a unit to me. Multiple units make it into an army. So it is just like it is shown into the game. The idea that a single unit is in reality a group seems pretty odd to me.

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Yes yes just like that some times the tower is pointless even

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He died because he was auto-scouting and ran into the TC