How does ELO work for team games

So me and my friend have been playing quite a bit of Online Ranked games and there is something strange happening with regards to use gaining rating when we win games.

I am quite familiar with MMR/ELO rankings from various online games and in general the Lower ranked player should be getting more ELO for a win compared with the higher ELO player.

This appears to be the case for Me and one of my Friends who is about 100 rating lower than me. When we win he consistantly gets ~20 - 30 Rating and I get between 10 and 20 rating, which to me makes sense.

But another of my friends who is only 30 rating higher than me Consistantly gets more rating that me when we win.

I am just curious as to how the ELO ratings are calculated and how this can be explained?

ELO also depends on your enemy. Also in your first +/- 10 games you get/lose more ELO. I dont really know the exact calculation.

I’m betting this has more to do with your higher rated friend having played less games than you in total.

Is this for a team game(s) or for 1v1?

The title says team games.

This was what I thought but we have played a very similar number of games. For reference:

I have played 22 Ranked Team games and have a rating of 1287
He has played 20 Ranked Team Games and has a rating of 1308

I shall keep any eye on it as we move onwards!

number of games doesnt really matter if you both around 20. Do you have a look at the rating of allies and enemies? Or did you play the same match and was the ELO won really much different?

We play almost all of our games together.

The ones I am specifically referring to with him receiving higher Rating have all been games we have played together.

The difference is usually him receiving ~5 more rating than me.

I wish I had paid more attention to the losses to see whats happening there but I don’t usually look at the score screen as much when we lose :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the game can sense that he’s carrying you and awarding him extra points.

It’s very easy to forget though when it’s not in mentioned in the main text too :stuck_out_tongue: Woops

Is it comparing both your ELO’s separately to the opposing teams average ELO and calculating gains that way I wonder?