How does losing by internet connection work? [Poll included]

:arrow_forward: Hello there, I just lost a game because of my low internet connection, and I WAS ROCKING IT.

Literally twice the score and all my troops on his base dining settlers, and then my internet took a fart and betrayed me, and my teammate because I wasn’t alone.

However, my amount of chevrons of the casual rating, didn’t go down again (Since I lost twice in a row by now), which got me thinking… How does the rating system work if you lose by connection?

Hope you guys can cipher this one out for me, I’m curious on how bad it is for my rating compared to the frustration of losing a 40 minute game…


How often have you lost because of internet connection?
  • Pfff my internet rocks - Never.
  • Average internet - Rarely.
  • I live far in a farm - Often.
  • I don’t play multiplayer.

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Good luck to all who deal with the same issue…

I reconnect feature would be awesome… Even if your units stand idle while the timer counts down during the reconnect feature.