How does one crate a successful .JSON File for your Custom scenario?

Good day.
I have created a complete campaign consisting of 8 scenarios, all that is left is to create a .JSON file to display the:

  1. ButtonPlacementInfo
  2. MenuBanner
  3. BackgroundImage (The custom map )
  4. MouseUpBorderImage
  5. MouseDownBorderImage
  6. MouseOverBorderImage

I have followed all the available guides (That I could find) and have created the following .JSON file.
Yet it is not working.
Could anyone please provide me with some assistance, any help will be greatly appreciated.

use to format and validate your json. Ugly to read as is.

Good day.

I Shall give it a try.
I thank you.

@pUk3Daddy I Tried using the program you suggested and it informed me that I have a “Parse Error”. This is completely alien to me so I am in the process of essentially “Learning how to code” just to try and decipher this conundrum. If anyone has any experience in coding, any aid would be highly appreciated.