How does the game decide what map you play?

Sometimes I say I hate this map and people usually say me too then I ask did you ban Arabia and they say no. So clearly we could be playing Arabia all the time. I am guessing the game randomly picks a map that isn’t banned even if its gold rush for the 3rd time in a row. I guarantee you that 90% of the players just want to play Arabia or Arena. So please make something that prioritizes those maps over the others

That’s how random works. You might get lucky or unlucky streaks depending on how you feel about a certain map.

Now I’m not guaranteeing for any numbers for one way or the other but personally don’t want any kind of prioritization.

I’d assume the server matches you to someone with at least one of the same maps unblocked as you and then randomly picks from all maps not blocked by either of you. That would mean you would get to see a bit less of the unpopular maps than the popular ones. If most people block say Black Forest you will not get to play that map when you get matched with one of those people, even if you have the option open. So it checks out that a relatively standard, inoffensive map like Gold Rush will appear a bit more often, as will Arabia.