How get beta key? (have pre order on steam)

Hi everyone, have AOE DE of microsoft store, Aoe II HD in steam and too pre order aoe II DE in steam, but i dont understand how get into beta, i need play this, in my steam acount say: “Age of empires II DE - Beta Owners PrePurchase Enable DLC” how play the beta?

Thank you!

You sign up for the beta at and may get drawn to participate.

Whether or not you pre-purchased AoE II DE or own some of the other games is not relevant.

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It’s a marketing scam. Numerous people have signed up, including me, but have not gotten so much as a squeak in terms of invitations…Don’t waste your time my friend…

And numerous people have signed up and gotten an invitation. Your point?

And countless more including myself have been waiting for months and months with not a response. It’s an absolute joke.

For some reason, in this forum, you don’t appear as Age insider.
Try to log out, delete the cache and cookies, and reconnect to the forum.
Or enter this forum in a private window, without cache or cookies, of your internet browser.

The developers are doing a great job and are expanding successively the number of players who can play the beta, deciding only for technical reasons.

Sooner or later, you will all receive an invitation to the beta, it is better to be patient, and check your email daily, because you will be invited by email, and in that email, all the instructions will come for you to play the beta.

You all have a lot of enthusiasm, courage, you are the best !!!

Hi angel9m9…I am it appears. Any advice?


Yes, now your profile is already perfect.

Look at this forum, to the right of your nick, in the left heading of your post in the forum, now it reads “Age Insider”.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, like many players here.
Those who still do not have beta key, calm, patience, the developers will send you an email with all the details, as soon as possible.

Cheer up everyone!

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Its not a scam. I got the key.

Amigo estou desde o inicio tentando o beta e ate agora nao fui selecionado, tem como me confirmar se realmente estou no programa insiders? pq aqui consta como perfil pronto e etc…