How good are Rathas, exactly?

In one of my videos from last year where the Bengalis and Dravidians fight each other in Extreme difficulty, I said that Rathas were one of the best unique units in the game. The expansion had just officially come out a day prior, so it may have been premature. I’m wondering how that comment aged and if Rathas are still as good as I said they were at initial release.

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It is bad. Still counter by Skirmisher too hard


rathas were never good to begin with


Overshadowed by the Bengali Elephant Archers for sure.


They are good but not that crazy good. I used to think they were A tier UU but now I think they are top of the B tier UU. Being the most expensive unit in the game to upgrade held them back super hard from being an A tier or S tier UU.

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They are very bad, possibily the worst unit in the game right now


We need more units like Ratha.

Infantry that can switch between sword and bow.

Infantry that can switch between pike and hand cannon.

Infantry that can switch between crossbow and dagger.

Cavalry that can switch between sword and javelin.

Elephants that can switch between bow and ######

Ships, buildings, siege weapons…

Etc etc etc

Change my mind.