How good is a Dravidian Offensive Castle?

Those who go Archers and Elephant Archers, how viable is a forward Castle drop as Dravidians?

about as viable as with any other civ, I suppose.

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Nothing special. But I’d say that urumis and skirms are a better combo if are you going for a forward castle. Urumis are produced quickly, and they’ll destroy anything except archers. Which is why you need a bunch of skirms.

It depends on what exactly you mean by forward castle. If you mean a map control oriented play in late castle or at some point in imp then it’s really no different from castles from other civs.

If you mean an early castle drop then I don’t think dravidians is a good civ for that generally as you neither have a bonus for castle dropping itself (like sicilians or franks) or good UU for early pressure (like spanish or turks).

Sometimes an early castle drop can be strategically good because of a forward position or denying resources but in that case it’s really only about the strat and not dravidians as a civ.