How good is the farm buff (4 stops before dropoff now)

For instance, how much closer are they to the capacity of farm collection per rate before and after each tech-

These are the old farm rates-

Farm growth per minute is capped for most civs at 24 except slavs

I haven’t even understood what it does now.

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It makes farm collection faster - but by how much and how close to the limit does each upgrade now reach?

Sure? How can you exceed the farm’s regrowth rate?
But maybe it’s more a buff for hand cart as vills won’t collect 21 food anymore but still reach the regrowth cap of the farm.
It’s more a nice feature that you don’t possibly regret to get hand cart at some point. If it’s that.

Slavs get around it due to their farm growth rate being increased alongside their villager speed as well - everyone else is capped at 24 regardless of upgrades increasing speed beyond that

Before the buff- handcart for all civs that have it would already reach the growth limit.

ANd you reach that basically with the aztec vills and wheelbarrow before the upgrade. At least for the farms close to the tc/mill. So hand cart was almost no improvement for aztecs.
So it could just make sure your vills just carry as much as they need to reach the farm cap.

Maybe for T90s 256 tech mod so you can research wheelbarrow as often as you want :D.

couldn’t find any difference to the normal behaviour…
What does it?

The villagers now stop to gather food 4 times only rather than 5+ times depending on carry capacity

OK… then it will make basically no differnence actually.
Only for farms far away with wheelbarrow (aztecs) it will slightly improve the food income a bit.
And for hand cart you now can triple-layer…

But ok, I don’t have to understand everything, why this is a thing at all.

My initial farms before any upgrades appear to run out quicker

I made a quick test and it was indeed 1.5 % faster. Interesting.
And why? Was farming slower in de than in hd?

Probably because at certain points(dunno for sure) the farmer would walk again to gather food only for an extra 1 or half a normal trip just so it could reach capacity while wasting a trip rather than just dropping off so each trip makes full use of each stop- the buff changes it to keep gathering consistent

This will also be good for 256x tech cause farmers won’t continue to stockpile overly much

I just checked the new farm rates.
Looks like only dark age and feudal farms before wheelbarrow are a little bit faster by about 2 %.

Don’t know if this was really necessary, but ok.

And I don’t understand the mechanics behind that, it should be the other way around. Is there something hidden happening there?

Hmm interesting, I overlooked this. Seems like an indirect buff to food units (knights) and booming. But ultimately it effects every civ the same, so probably won’t disrupt balance.

As it only affects dark and feudal farms basically it’s just a minimal buff for drush and scrush.
But, it’s that marginal… It’s like the incan team bonus only for dark and feudal but instead of gaining the whole amount after 30 secs, you get it over the whole lifespan of the farm… It’s like 20 % of the incan team bonus for scrushes. Yeah.
Idk if this changes anything actually.

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