How hard could it be to add functions/hotkeys from DE into the 2013HD edition?

For instance things as simple as rotating gates without first needing to set wall foundations down to automatically get the orientation right, or adding further hotkeys for that matter

HD is dead and an abandoned project now, go to voobly they have adapted most of the QoL improvements and rotating gates actually comes from the UP which DE just copied those things from there.

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HD cannot be modded like the vanilla game to have features from DE.

HD = Dead. DE = Active scene for AoE2. Play DE or deal with it basically. HD is worse in almost every way. It’s a pretty significant net loss doing support HD at this point.

I mean DE is running off the same engine, aside from graphics and a constant server to run on, what’s so different from the two versions?

Engine is the same yes but most things are locked to edit so unless devs are involved plyers cant do any big changes like this.