How hard is it to create higher zoom out?

just make a higher zoom out level for rich people pc’s and the poor people can get a “lock zoom option”, its not hard, anyone who says “performance issues” is pretending, just lock your zoom at that level so your pc doesn’t ■■■■ it self, I don’t want to be cramped in and zoomed into the villagers ■■■.


It’s a performance issue, though. And going by your attitude, I bet you would also be among the first to complain about the MP running like garbage, because in your lobby is always someones rig, that can’t handle the load. No one gonna to not zoom out max as this would put them on a disadvantage.

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They did increase it, learn to play with it instead of whining all the time about something that most likely won’t get changed again.

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It’s not a performance issue,

there was an exploit in the beta where you go zoom out further with console,
no one reported dropped frames from it

that being said, if it is a performance issue, thats the whole point of a graphical option. Those whose pc can handle it can choose to play at that setting, and those who cant can choose not to.

The main thing is people can choose how they like to play :slight_smile:
currently the zoom that I find comforable to play at is not in the game, so its quite unenjoyable.


whining?, i just want a higher zoom so i can see, you can stick to your cramped zoom, but i want to see the battle field


Zoom is fine.

Maybe let observer mode zoom out for “kewl YouTube content” or something.

I’m happy where it is now for gameplay.

I agree that zoom is fine how it is,

But there are alot more behind the scenes things that would be included in changing the zoom, including a complete resubmission of the games minimum and reccomended specs.

Look, I also would have preferred a free cam with more options. All I’m saying is that it would probably in the game, as Relic had this in all their games afaik, if not for the tech limiting it. Nothing else makes sense in the whole context.

The min specs can probably not handle 4v4 with a free cam and so this got a ristriction for everyone. It sucks, but the camera is instead of other graphic options, an essential part of the gameplay and they just went for that “min spec mode” to ensure potato’s aren’t on a disadvantage or killing lobbies with their frame drops. Because, let’s be honest, even if people drop frames, they would zoom out. And then complain about the game being so badly optimizer, probably even more flooding the forums.

So, imo this might be a design decision, but I would bet that it’s rather damage control based on lacking tech and thus, this won’t be something changed for a long time, if at all.

Everyone is playing with the same amount of zoom level, it’s not unfair to anyone and let’s be honest here you can re-learn to play at this zoom again. It’s not as unplayable as some of you make it out to be.

Who knows maybe they will adjust the zoom again, but I highly doubt it at this moment and I think they should prioritize other more important issues first.

okay, at this point the few people who for some reason dont want the rest of us to have an option that greatly improves our enjoyability of the game arent even making arguments that make sense any more

no, adding more zoom would not make them have to do a “complete resubmission of the games minimum and reccomended specs”

  1. there was an exploit with the console in the beta to unlock zoom, and no one reported any decreased frames from zooming out more

  2. thats not how that works even if it did have a huge impact on performance, for example Age 3 DE released an update which added a “ludicrous zoom” option and the reccomended specs for the game were not updated. Many games recieve optimization updates and other updates which may drastically alter performance of the game and its not an issue.

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maybe they are afraid of fps drops.