How I would implement Spectator chat

Hello. We should have spectator chat. The end.

Ok, fine, now for the actual suggestion. If the devs are concerned about privacy, why not have it that before each ranked or quick play game, all the players must decide on if they want spec chat enabled. If it is voted in by the majority, all of those who say yes will then have their chat visible to spectators. If the majority say yes, for those players who say no, it will show spectators when they said something, but it won’t say what. If a minority want spec chat, then it is disabled. Or, each player can have spectator chat turned to one of three settings in the menus. Either, fully visible, hidden, or no spec chat. Fully visible shows all of their chat to spectators, hidden shows when they are chatting, but not the content, and no spec chat is pretty self explanatory. What do people think?

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