How I would rebalance Incas

Remove food discount and revert prices of Slingers and Kameyuks.
Infantry gold cost -5/10/15/20%
Gain Supplies and Gamberson.
Andean Sling also grants skirmisher +1 ATK

I would… Not. I’d wait to see where the balance goes. I think it’s early to say incas are figured out.


Do we though Incas have showed up in almost every Showmatch and Qualifier. Do we really need to wait and see if a 30% food discount in imp is OP

Well some civ has to be at the top. Top tier =/= overpowered. What’s their tournament winrate?


What are you doing about the fact that this is an inferior version of Portuguese?


Make it a flat 20% then

Imo they didnt need such a big overhaul, something little like the Lama TB and a new civ bonus Like all infantry or maybe even all foot soldiers+2 Los would’ve been fine. +Access to supplies and gambesons

But considering the price adjustements the savings in imp are “only”
2food for slingers, Eagles
3food for militia line (compared to supplies)
30% doesn’t sound that much in these cases, the biggest benefits are
7food for skirms
10food for halbs
12food for genitours
14food for kamayuks
15food for condottieros
18food for xolotls
19food for petards

For comparison Berbers save 16 food on hussars, mayans save 7w 14g on arbs and byz save 15res on halbs/skirms

The savings on Trash and kamayuks are really nice but overall the Bonus ist not as strong as others. Hera said even before the Patch incas could beat any civ If played perfectly and espacially on Higher elos they always had good win rates.

Tl:dr even though the bonus is not as strong as it initially sounds, its imo more than they needed

Edit: added supplies and gambeson to the first Part of the post


Depends on the W/R as well. Ethiopians was picked in almost all sets in RBW1 and RBW2. And their W/R was like 48%.

I don’t like them having a greater bonus than Gurjaras for free. So I’ll make it a flat 15% or reduce 5% discount.

Need to be start from Feudal Age then. Free lama, less house with cheaper Drush sounds too much of early lead in both economy and military.

Whats so bad about 6 more food from drushes?

Already stated above - big lead in both military and economy.

Funny how all civs have same quality of Drush as stat improving bonuses start in Feudal Age but discount bonuses don’t - Goths, Portuguese, Incas.

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6 food wont cjange much at all 11

Like, seriously


Incas are fine, come on, a civ without any cavalry and any other power unit has to be a bit strong.

There are some civs that are almost always picked or banned in any tournament (Chinese for example) that received no changes, and have been so for years. Now one civ that almost never saw the light of day finally gets a spotlight and before even a full month has passed people already want nerfs for it.

The number is huge, but the actual food cost is only meaningful for trash units (and Kamayuks). Now you might finally see another infantry UU being played, which is a GOOD thing, and if you’re losing to trash spam from a civ that doesn’t have Hussar, you’re probably doing something wrong yourself anyway.

It’s not a greater bonus for one reason - stable units are typically units that cost the most food, and a food discount impacts Gurjaras way more, on top of them having the mill bonus. The bonuses do the same thing, but have a much different role and impact for the two civs.


I think %20 gold discount will make incas more stronger.

I’m in favor of moving the bonus to Feudal Age tbh. 24 or 36 food savings will change things. Even if the discount is 15%, you will save 18 or 27 food which is noticable.

I should have said bigger instead of greater so that no one could come up with the obvious opposition. A civ can have farmers/lumberjacks generating gold as a free a civ bonus at a higher rate than the UT but still be weaker/worse because of the tech tree. But this doesn’t change the fact free civ bonus is bigger bonus than UT. And I don’t like this.

We could also give them longer lasting gold mines since the Mailians just opened up that bonus