How improve multiplayer game and remove lag

The lag is getting worse every time I go online. I stop going on line then I lose interest in playing the game at all. I don’t think we can attract new players if half of the games end up with players quitting. Why don’t we allow the gamers who join before launch to see the ping of the other players like you can do with AOE2 and Voobly?

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DE has already solved this on release. The game no longer uses p2p, so players are not connected directly to each other and therefore there is no ping. If you experience lag, the problem is on your side, not because of other players. This is one of the best changes on DE, I love that lagging players no longer affect my game.

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Have you tried the “resource preloading” beta option?

Since I activated it I encounter less lag in multiplayer.

Maybe. But it now plays no better than p2p. I get better games on Voolby and AOE4 and AOE3 most of the time. Something is changed and different.

@Eagle: I do resource preloading all the time. I’m not the lagger. It’s one or two players that ruin it for all.

The other issue is disconnects. I’ve been forced disconnected several times even though I’m running with a stable 600mb up down FIOS network.Mostly I see newer players from Asia or Brazil servers disconnecting. It has ruined the game for me. I can play an entire Saturday with noobs and every game has a problem which ends in termination. I am about to give it all up.

This might be just other players with weak internet disconnecting. It is unfortunate, but I doubt game can be blamed here. Other lag issues generally come due to memory issues afaik. Restarting game after a long match is generally gets rid of lags

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