How is it okay that Germany gets equivalent 900 resources in Age 2 with only 1 shipment?

Yes I’m talking about the broken 3 Settler Wagon [600 resources] + 2 Uhlan [300 resources]

Additionally, the civ has been buffed in the last patch, like why?

Make your conclusions

because that’s the german civ bonus.


This is already open in another thread, so this one should be closed.

That said, Germans have a shipments xp penalty that balances this out. When most civs are on their 3rd shipment, Germany is still on their second. All of their shipments in Age 2 are worth 900-1000 res! The settler wagon card is not unique.

It’s balanced, it’s their civ bonus, it’s been in the game since 2005, and it’s fundamental to the civ.

Drop this inane demand and learn to counter the civ.


I keep hearing this buff of this patch…
what was the buff? is this the treaty buff for house fo electors or treaty of Westphalia? both which have 0 impact on Germany’s 3sw shipment fwiw? Or the nerfs to merc combat? neither really has any bearing on actual German power spikes in supremacy. So dont see where “this patch” changed anything for supremecy germany. maybe treaty, which tbh I dont think treaty germany is considered in need of any buffs

Does anyone actually read the patch notes anymore or just listen to others opinions and take it as fact? And in the other thread stephinsundin mentioned, there is a pretty good breakdown of card values fwiw. the TLD is basically, its up there for certain but not the only 900 or eq res shipment. prob the first one out, albeit in raw res the italian lombard/600 is actually better in vill seconds for like 6 minutes or somethjing (comparing 6%xp to german 10 of these two civs is probably a whole different can of worms, given their xp is very differntly driven


Sorry, where does it day that?

this is from the wiki

its also visible in the civs.xml file under hcshipmentmodifier